24 Apr 2015

Swooping into view.

Toyworld have released some pictures of the next Bot is their Dino line. Even if you dont like the fact they combine, these are great G1 styled Bots. Take a look and tell us what you think.

11167681_10152850082632683_7031612023240002702_o 11064616_10152850082617683_9037826013190896105_n 11031996_10152850082607683_5443733236027772535_n 11169779_10152850082592683_8736559404746053026_o 11156252_10152850082602683_4137379154475849891_n 11070925_10152850082597683_1216640478867899805_n

Take a look at what Toyworld item we have avalible:


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23 Apr 2015

A war is coming..

Warbotron’s version of Bruticus is almost done, with Fierce Attack due out any time now. Are you ready to signed up to the next combiner from them? We already have the first part of their version of Computron, Turbo Ejector. But we have now gotten some lovely colour images of the next 2 figure due out from them, WB03 C (nosecone) and WB03 B (lightspeed)

Take at look and tell us what you think.

10432998_634563679976472_2452361358095263052_n 11173392_634563676643139_8558053725192339480_n

Have a look to see what Warbotron figure we have in-stock and for pre-order here:


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