27 May 2015

Jazz, is that you?

Images from TF upgrader have come out today of what could be a MP scale (not)Jazz.

11350599_813236772095394_1416802971172306916_n 11057815_813236752095396_6090205099627974336_n 11013212_813236755428729_3071990670152129711_n
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So it seems that the 3rd party market is at it again, with one company showing us their plans to bring us a set of MP scaled (not)Insecticons, we have since been shown 2 more, with the already existing (although perhaps not MP scale) Fansproject and Hasbro insections.

hasbro_insecticons_by_tallus76-d8i4rou maxresdefault

But when does choice become just to much? For most of us collectors, we can only afford one set of each team, if that. But what do I know?  So lets take a look at what is on offer and you guys can let me know what you think about it all.

In no particular order, first up we have Badcube‘s offering. With previous offerings such as Wardog, these guys will most likely be pretty good and rather G1 accurate. It is also safe to say, that one thing Bade cube do very well is release some very good images of their upcoming figures.

1509965_762990997133033_7894628709668866129_n 11150748_762991027133030_8042612052777449060_n 11295797_762991017133031_8638875905989816659_n 551464_762991107133022_432366885694129790_n 11351359_762991110466355_662275374044244651_n 11330018_762991103799689_2595426370998711955_n 11034889_762990993799700_4714609951294075589_n 11008062_645601035539403_801521153268619634_n 11235389_668793519888305_5363048153975457163_n 11061191_668796579887999_9196444649368587682_n 11119428_668797016554622_4919774477188969966_n 11148686_668796903221300_7805070910108672588_n 11014970_668796983221292_3568346934488807500_n 11269086_668796996554624_2365591854510906178_n 11377238_668796913221299_1485694565588556243_n 11377236_668796893221301_6264197730483882670_n 10003875_668796943221296_6160862506649626346_n 11181207_668950963205894_2140646631435399823_n 11168519_668951116539212_868382899350993435_n 10422489_668950973205893_2518519468766197814_n 11251774_668950959872561_400988352060528296_n 16830_668969926537331_615337407349297758_n 11329981_669023509865306_4963157990254302565_n

Then we have then more experienced Fanstoys. These guys have bought us some great figures, Quakewave and Soar to name just a couple.

ftmercenary1 ftmercenary4 ftmercenary5 ftmercenary3 ft-insecticons


Then we have the newest to the show Ocular Max. One to keep an eye on.

11226910_892870914111916_3589516787859527676_n 11256983_892870890778585_6647313793324789749_n 11168586_892870917445249_6034896416483785409_n 10519000_892870910778583_2619825682697804493_n 10403356_892870907445250_6242522889118552713_n 11018585_892871424111865_2690590030879519828_n 11351141_892871374111870_6052702521769989708_n 10479339_892871377445203_3352274346711270689_n 11269286_892871384111869_893630823805302030_n 1508093_892871380778536_5927668460813257190_n 10985449_892871387445202_4878641580114157272_n 10425368_892882097444131_6904574590491458247_n

So what will be the deciding factor for you? Price? Design? Company loyalty? Or will you be fortunate enough to just buy everything that comes out. Either way let us know.


If you are interested in any of the figures featured in this article, they and many more can be found at Kapow Toys:



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When i fist saw this Guy I was a little underwhelmed, but I have to admit, the more I see of this Mastermade’s version of metroplex, the more I feel he needs to become part of this geeks collection! I mean, come on, who doesn’t need a super articulated , super detailed mini Metroplex??!??!? wait, he comes with a little Ultra Magnus!?! Well that seals the deal!

I would love to know what you guys think about this guy? Is he just a bit of fun, and to highly priced for such a thing? or is he going to be an essential part of your collection?

mmplex10 mmplex9 mmplex11 11015447_645347215564785_6149611849682920160_n 11018111_645347208898119_7335196875445054980_n 11026114_645347228898117_1480942952216635652_n 11137175_645347162231457_5565835535269074376_n 19012_645347182231455_307249798716631211_n 11350614_645347188898121_9106932689894865504_n 10730895_645347165564790_5616183657727609232_n 11350643_645347158898124_6448903969078859479_n 11168519_645347118898128_4977573472234313534_n 11113155_645347105564796_2595520153686394096_n 11377072_645347108898129_874071044011405959_n 11066010_645347172231456_6101411643858506295_n 11215773_645347145564792_1000677730387764689_n

This awesome looking set is still available for pre-order here:


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