So we have taken a look at Perfects Effects upgrades for the combiner wars Menasor so its only fair we take a look at the plans for Superion.  And we must say as much as we already love Superion, the really do make quite a difference.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

11071518_1056651741014909_3087113622671027814_n 10987396_782591861819816_4741345613595145302_n 11079539_1056651734348243_4694176170135911080_o CBDR3J6UgAAIZrI 10426243_1056651751014908_760607560071352356_n 1517439_1056651761014907_8706741912416669254_n


You can pre-order your set here.

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We think we need these, what do you guys think?



TMNT_TLS_02 TMNT_TLS_01 3_Inch_TMNT_Vinyl_02__scaled_600 TMNT010-2 images Loyal-Subjects-Power-Rangers-Action-Vinyls-Blue-Ranger Mighty_Morphin_Power_Rangers_-_gold_ranger-Haim_Saban_Shuki_Levy-Mighty_Morphin_Power_Rangers-The_Lo-trampt-200584o d89825f29a4211e3b6a3128c8a9275ba_8 RED-RANGER-MULTI-VIEW_3 17f13c9a94ce11e38efc12348ce11f8e_8

These do look rather cute, and the mmpr have removable helmets!!! They may find a way to our collection.

Are they something you would like to see in the Kapow toys store? let us know.

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03 Apr 2015


Look at these… Even if you didn’t like the style of the Turtles in the latest TMNT movie, you have to admit these do look rather nice! ZeroThree-Movie-Leo-peek Threezero-TMNT-2014-sixth-scale-figure-Leonardo TMNT-2014-Michelangelo-ThreeZero 11061230_813169988767238_4529182783210547900_n

These beauties are coming from Threezero, and we shall be keeping our eyes peeled for some more images of them, thats for sure!!

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