29 Oct 2015

Maketoys Rover Images

With Hasbro bombarding us with so many (in my opinion) awesome Combiners, in the Combiner Wars series, it is easy to miss some of the other figures that that have been released lately. Especially when they are combiners, you could argue that it is a strange decision for some of the 3rd party companies to make. But after spending some time looking at some of the images out there of Guardia in particular, I am very pleased Maketoys have decided to bring us their version of Defensor!


The next figure due for release in this line up, is Rover, and I think he is looking pretty good! What do you guys think?

905738_164889687194800_3428569064870147249_o 11222459_164889713861464_6919073646266420252_n 11223881_164889697194799_3178921145975238649_o 11240773_164889667194802_7627314499685859044_o 12049738_164889707194798_6232752759097430796_n 12063356_164889683861467_660889879239356527_n 12109241_164889727194796_2495978244292056472_n 12183735_164889673861468_6736908919424980437_o 12184987_164889680528134_8825364457047363871_o 12188012_164889700528132_2329717580368325493_o


He is available to pre-order now:


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21 Oct 2015

DX9 Terror

If Like me, you thought that Carry looked like an awesome figure, (I even had the pleasure of having a play with one) but just didn’t need 2 Mp Rodimus Primes in your collection. Then this repaint is the perfect excuse, to finally add this mold to your collection.


He will be finding his way into the ranks of my Masterpiece Deceptions. But what do you guys think?

12144825_442724465924619_2273706713277456100_n1041 950 854 755


DX9’s Terror is available to pre-order now.



Images c/0 Kuma Style 

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