If history teaches us anything, it is that Hot Toys, will keep making endless Batman and Ironman figures.

Personally, I am very happy that the new, Armored Batman from “Dawn Of Justice” will be one of those figures. I mean, just look at it!!


12593649_10153287590957344_869093325189825916_o 12605285_10153287591092344_535530438783712343_o 12615148_10153287591227344_4351164842740754473_o 12418893_10153287590967344_7921151900162761061_o 12525371_10153287590972344_4589146259052277938_o 12642674_10153287590842344_4630915737215468891_n


How do you all feel? An essential purchase or a Batman too far?


Don’t forget to head over to www.kapowtoys.co.uk to check out all the latest Hot Toys Pre-orders and our in stock items.

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This has to be one of the most exciting new toy lines for the whole of 2016!! Thundercats,  I’m sure like many of you, were a big part of my Saturday mornings and toys collection! While some toy companies have tried, and failed, to bring us a modern Thundercats toy line, it looks like mattycollector, are set to do for Thundercats, what the did for Masters of the universe!!!


The first few figures have been shown, and we can’t wait to see the rest of the line up! THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOO!




These guys may even be making an appearance over at www.kapowtoys.co.uk.

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Rover was genuinely, one of the most surprising Figures of last year for me. So I will be very excited to get a hold of these Guys!!! How about you?

12552875_203571399993295_5069126973320925805_n 12615772_203571373326631_3106238608148153777_o 12400523_203571366659965_4797802379242425298_n 12508680_203571886659913_2842559649441170187_n 12565405_203571833326585_1022375255442343814_n 11140390_203571826659919_123269459651276360_n 12604946_1166026506749551_4886967971965619208_o 12493595_1166026486749553_6965089452874184635_o

Pre-order the next 2 of the team HERE!

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