With images being released and pre-orders going up for for the latest masterpiece figure, MP25 Trancks. We thought we would take a brief look at all the lovely figures we have had so far, and think about what characters we would like to see next?

MP01-1 mp01lconvoy MP01-4 p1040242

This is where is all started, MP 01 Optimus prime. and he was awesome. There were quite a few different versions of him, but the differences were all quite slight.

MP 02 wasn’t much of a surprise. With a straight up repaint into the white Ultra Magnus.

ultramagnus001 b


The third Figure was an interesting Choice from Hasbro, mainly down to the ‘realistic’ paint job they decided to give him.


But it was ok we got many versions of this guy.

03 mp03takarabMP-03G2

Up next was….. Optimus Prime, but this time with his tralier.


Then came the Mighty Megatron… althought he was not so mighty. He was more, lanky, and floppy and prone to ‘cosmic rust’…..

61jbbZso3sL._SY355_ MP05MasterpieceMegatronBoxed MP05D MP05A

The next 2 releases were a couple of repaints, although needed ones. These came in the form of Skywarp and Thundercracker.

transformers_mp06_skywarp_w1 110702402-250x250-0-0_hasbro+transformers+masterpiece+mp+06+skywarp+coll TAKA_TF_MP7_THUNDERCRACKER

Then came Grimlock! He is one of my personal favourites, even if he is a little bit small. Grimlock also had quite a few re-releases and slight variations over the years.

mp08asia-500x500 masterpiece_mp08_grimlock_120 reduced-image_7814_106mp08x

MP 09 gave us Hot Rod, or Rodimus Prime. The Takara version came with the tralier, where are us poor westerners only got the TRU  version.

tf_mp_09_a reduced-galery_image_1814_5334 reduced-galery_image_1814_5336 $_35 MPpicall2


Then came MP 10, and this cahnged things. more specifically… Scale.

We got a new Optimus Prime, And he was awesome! (also if you didnt know he is up for pre-order again here)

mp-10-convoy-001 transformers_masterpiece_optimus_prime_mp10_for_sale_chonosmoon 1316757151_20110922104437cb4 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

To go along with the new, improved transformers we also go a new, more polished Starscream.

masterpiece-mp11-starscream-08 r_mp-11-starscream-023

We also got a couple of exclusive re-paints of Mp 11

22925e8c7b381827c9b6c34092a9146c_1414155357 mp11s-sunstorm-04

Then came the start of the smaller Masterpiece figure, but the are no less of a masterpiece.

First up was Sideswipe, and we also got a lovely G2 version of this guy.

TAK_45997_CA 14_P_1345708980764mpg2sideswipe

Soundwave came to us in MP 13, Bringing us Possibly the best Decepticon Masterpiece figure yet.

This time around, the TRU version is the one that actually came with more. Giving us all 5 cassettes.

MP13_00 mp13soundwavefinal 1351687117_1

Then came another re-paint. Red Alert


MP 15 and 16 were to go with MP 13.

1350363728_1 mp-16-frenzy-buzzsaw-01


Prowl was Mp 17 and is still one of the best executed Transformers to date. He was followed buy a couple of repints in the form of Bluestreak and Smokescreen.

1362756729_Datsun3_(2) transformers-masterpiece-mp-18-streak-box-kl-malaysia-cindylee-1401-22-cindylee@20 mp18_streak_zpsd29eaf48 mpss3 Transformers-Masterpiece-MP-19-Smokescreen-Vehicle-Mode-Rally-Car-e1371051526450 img60373426

It was nice to see another couple of members coming out with the release of mp 20 and 21 with Wheeljack and Bumblebee.

MP-20-Wheeljack-AmazonJP-07_1395898874 27466637d1410359652-mp20-masterpiece-wheeljack-1410352545_610cwx7cnfl_sl1500__1410379276 71dngcEvnvL._SL1050_ transformers-masterpiece-mp-21-bumble-bee_1 FIGURE-005059


The truly stunning Ultra Magnus followed.

reduced-galery_image_7748_13148 Combined3 $_86

MP 23 Exhaust has caused much controversy. With a certain cigarette company at the centre of it. This sad fact will most likely mean that many fans will now be without this Deciepticon. But here are a couple of pictures for you to have a look at.

mp-23_141019827510358742_821125447953397_453179823551282497_n_1421387053 mp-234_1410198275

Fans decided the next figure to come out in the Masterpeice line.. Star Saber. Another stunning figure and one of the best selling figures in the line.

IMG_5463 transformers-masterpiece-mp-24-star-saber-05 b190a6cb2b27cf384664186283e22831 mp-242_1410198602 mp-244_1410198602

This brings us to next figure we are going to be getting (along with another re-paint) Tracks.

mptracks2 a4e549d31e0d1668b51020b579837da7

This guy is set to be another awesome figure.

The repaint being the prober colours for Bluestreak.

mp18b3 mp18b4



There have been a few other ‘exclusive’ repaints along the way.

eva6 1407233586_20995_2014-08-05-042 $_57 (21) Transformers-Masterpiece-Acid-Storm-3-toys-r-us-sdcc-2013 tigertrack2Transformers Masterpiece - MP-10B Nemesis Prime (Black Convoy) B

So thats what we have had, what we know is coming. But what would you like to see next??

some of the characters we would love to see in Masterpiece form. Cliffjumper, but a proper cliffjumper. not just a Red bumblebee with a new head.

240px-MTMTE1_Hound_and_Cliffjumper_roll_out 240px-MasterBuilders_Cliffjumper_glass_gas_gun cliffjumper1b

Or how about Jazz

download jazz1

We would love to know who you would like to see next. Let us know in the comments below!!


Have a look at what Masterpiece are believable to pre-order here:





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11 Responses to “What Masterpiece figure would you like to see next?”

  1. Rich

    Some new cons would be great! Very not heavy collection at the mo

  2. thatmonsterjustattackedme

    MP10 in Ultra Magnus colours
    Hot Rod as a medium car
    Transformers The Movie accurate Rodimus Prime without the transformation gimmick
    Victory Leo
    God Bomber

  3. Sonny Fransicus Heijden

    I like to see MP Galvatron, Shockwave MP, MP Kup, MP Clampdown

  4. Porcelain Prime

    More Decepticons would be great to see and it would be good to get the first Masterpiece combiner. Devastator would be the obvious dream initially; although the scale issues would require consideration, either that or a lot of shelf support. Reflector also could be a good starting point. Practically the same bot mould with minor details changed to add individuality to each character.
    Triple changes could also be a good route. Astrotrain or Blitzwing. Would even love to see an in scale Masterpiece Unicron some day. Imagine I’d have to remortgage the house for the price on that one however.

  5. Immortalis09

    We seriously need some decepticons. I know there have been a few 3rd party to even out the ranks a little but we need some official figures. Ideally some commanders to go with the Autobot commanders so Galavatron, Deathsaurus and Megatron. We also really need an official Shockwave in both Masterpiece and CHUG Voyager.

    • Imnotgivingmynametoamachine

      I read somewhere that the IPR for the original Shockwave design is not residing with TT. That makes it doubtful if there will be an official Shockwave anytime soon, unfortunately. BTW, I really hope that we will be getting a Thundercracker repaint as well, my Starscream and Skywarp look so lonely…

  6. Sonny Fransicus Heijden

    Prowl was Mp17 nl Still one of the best executed Transformers

  7. Sonny Fransicus Heijden

    Prowl was Mp 17 en het nog steeds een van de best uitgevoerde Transformers

  8. Sonny Fransicus Heijden

    Ik zou graag een MP Hound en MP Arcee en een MP Kup

  9. Imnotgivingmynametoamachine

    Ironhide. But mostly because the Ratchet repaint would come, and thus provide me with two desperately needed figures for the wait of one.