22 May 2015

So much Devastation

Cant get enough of the new Titan class Devastor? Good, because here are some more pictures, this time with a nice size comparison.

11215051_644317612334412_1263632837068134705_n 11110981_644317605667746_7496483274451523906_n 11053098_644317609001079_4018754277173459367_n 11014818_644317615667745_1838602000091929746_n
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22 May 2015

Devastation at SDCC

Hasbro have given us some lovely pictures of the SDCC version of Devastator out of his box. Take a look here.

11295720_644218182344355_3146400062718758473_n 10931195_644218185677688_3264955779718110777_n
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Dx9 released their version of Astrotrain this month, Chigurh, and we have had a chance to have a good play with him now. It has left us asking the question why haven’t more people been talking about him? In our humble opinion this guy could quite possiblely be the best version of astrotrain we have gotten our hands on.

He is a nice BIG ROBOT with tons of articulation and details, and its possibly the closest representation of the character we have had yet.

We would love to hear what you guy ‘n’ gals think, so please let us know. Here are a few pics for you to take a look at.

DSC_0120 DSC_0128 DSC_0125


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21 May 2015

SDCC Devastator!!

Here are some image of the SDCC exclusive Devastator in packaging. oooooh

11203173_882561585143116_8186584058696572917_n 11062940_882561645143110_6337699651424179087_n 11072593_882561628476445_7115147175374287599_n 10984077_882561611809780_4108729701971011675_n 11014826_882561595143115_5252227759708587907_n
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