So Botcon 2015 has given us some pretty special reveals from Hasbro. But is has got us thinking, has Hasbro got their eyes set on the 3rd party’s share of the market?

If we take Bruticus as an example, Warbotron just finished their version of (not) Bruticus1509687_633409823425191_4044522184990999480_n

who all finished came in just shy of the £400 mark, which is a lot of money who ever you are. He was is a big robot, and very nice to look at.

DSC_0262 DSC_0251 DSC_0263


That said, this set was not with out its issues. Time scale being a big one. Its took over a year from the first to last figure, by which time many people had moved on and sold the first figure. Warbotron had its fair share of ‘qc’ issues having to issue replacement parts along the way. But for those of us who stuck with it. we were left with a big impressive bot at the end of the set!


But now…. Hasbro have shown us this bad boy (which we all suspected was on the way)


Stick a set of Perfect Effects upgrade kit on there and this will be an awesome looking Bruticus. Even with the upgrade kit, this will still be well under half the price of the 3rd party option, and its more than likely we will be able to pick the whole set up in one go…

1656271_663366970429476_7221012081438762377_n 10460241_663366967096143_5553599182011923936_n 11427189_663367063762800_3572233065533346575_n 1471338_663367060429467_3675327966336224370_n 10409061_663367160429457_8252998201085397394_n 10500487_663367157096124_3639670632905007134_n 10574404_663367260429447_8413516291775982305_n 10403545_663367247096115_5639722368979517307_n 63966_663368470429326_3592339910567916403_n 10845940_663368473762659_6400429336490734672_n

Warbotron gave us the little Shockwave (xray) and it seems Hasbro liked the idea of that, and thought they would have a go themselves. At least this time  I wount have to spend an angry hour putting it together.

DSC_025621020_663368423762664_1683035459495782656_n 11247890_663368420429331_2186763702290581419_nreduced-image_10216_106..

Let us know what you guys think the future of transformers will be.

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Here is a selection of pictions showing all the new reveals from Hasbro at Botcon 2015. Lots of Awesome looking stuff. It Looks like we are all going to need to buy a few extra sets of Perfect effects upgrade kits.

Take a look at all the pics here (from many sources) and let us know what you think!

11251118_663095577123282_8417059708423575716_n 11057782_663095570456616_1777368647828041786_n 1604924_663095580456615_5281670119172967960_n 10300439_663095563789950_8179108747835485913_n 1972413_663305037102336_924985872318956491_n 10574317_663305040435669_4083999159560018220_n 10361572_663312783768228_3930058016772143021_n 10411032_663312787101561_6746842682823573691_n 11428480_663312917101548_3890285421719101107_n 11536107_663312920434881_3007099062785163965_n 1606965_663313140434859_8316226410994070626_n 11428476_663318153767691_4203940536409215458_n 11010004_663320060434167_8898929016465598374_n 9279_663320063767500_3112856197357257669_n 11228522_663323190433854_860691034123703582_n 11240780_663323187100521_338322360093243567_n 11214323_940364692693687_928379085016936164_n 11377184_940364602693696_6846404315604516466_n 10422259_940364439360379_5362900345358861095_n 11216581_940364392693717_3632699571036080304_n 21009_940364289360394_3120755917465187412_n 11412362_940364242693732_2768496822064638514_n 10012490_940364186027071_7227621624280983151_n 10252068_940364169360406_5657048392241221224_n 11427711_940364152693741_6220494659728304043_n 1531961_940364106027079_8837170409798356469_n 11539616_940364032693753_3133644069912986761_n 1932445_940364009360422_4559022952568832085_n 11536136_940363989360424_810055401295284665_n 10289793_663323570433816_3583222269324982035_n 10440816_663323573767149_2010004563823937051_n 11351287_663326107100229_7507737567817745697_n 22807_663326220433551_8117451417021808064_n 10336777_663326740433499_5419950676070613728_n 11061209_663326737100166_4399087911860858683_n 11427165_663327363766770_5383207637167772395_n 11427238_663327370433436_4456069097874735291_n 10984602_663327360433437_6659950885380981254_n 10153811_663327720433401_31620308423055990_n 11428006_663327727100067_70313556195711759_n 11390043_663327723766734_6319838751993951827_n
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DX9 have have released some pictures of  the soon to be with us upgrade kit for leader class Megatron. We certainly can’t wait to upgrade our Megatron!

11535683_1647891495432058_1328878031513316296_n 11403379_1647891485432059_2170038493951021372_n 10369725_1647891462098728_8975937118105953748_n
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