With more pictures of the Hot Toys Optimus Prime being released, we find ourselves asking the question, is this a figure that many Transformers collectors will purchase, or something that Hot Toys collectors will purchase? Will it perhaps miss the mark completely?

This figures reminds us of one of the “what if” style comics.  Like, what if Optimus Prime goes mad and went on a Decepticon killing rampage… Whilst the inclusion of added extras is always welcome, we cant help but feel that Starstreams decapitated head, and torn of limbs are a little uncharacteristic for dear old prime…

However you may feel about this, there is no taking away from the fact that the Paint job is awesome, and there seems to be bucket loads of articulation, along with some nice light up features and a super detailed base.

So how do you guys feel about this one? will he be making an appearance in you collection, or will you be giving him a miss? We would love to know what you think.


Take a look at the pic and let us know in the comments.

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