Here are a couple of reviews of the latest offering to the virtual world of transformers, ‘Transformers Devastation’.

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The internet has blessed us, with a rather lovely digibash of how the Titian Wars Astrotrain could look.

c/o Khairul Bin Mashud.

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There were many exciting reveals at NYCC 2015, among them were these awesome looking sets from Mega Blocks.

An area that often gets neglected, Classic Star Trek.. Take a look at how nice this little set looks.

NYCC2015-Mega-Bloks-Star-Trek-010 NYCC2015-Mega-Bloks-Star-Trek-007 NYCC2015-Mega-Bloks-Star-Trek-005 NYCC2015-Mega-Bloks-Star-Trek-003


They also had the Enterprise on display, although this may only have been for display purposes.


But the set’s that really caught our attention, were the new sets of TMNT. Mega Blocks will be doing 3 lines for the Turtles, Classics, Nick Toons, and Half Shell Heroes. So something for all of the fans. We personally think these guys look great.

Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think.

DSC02274 DSC02270 DSC02269 DSC02268 DSC02266 DSC02265 DSC02263 DSC02261 DSC02260 DSC02259 DSC02258 DSC02257 DSC02256 DSC02255 DSC02254 DSC02253 DSC02252 DSC02251


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