12 Oct 2015

TMNT for everyone!!

It seems these days, everybody wants a slice of the TMNT pizza pie. But one thing’s for sure, its a good thing for fans of the Line!

It almost feels as though The Turtles never really went away, with one version or another hanging around in the background. But it wasn’t until Nickelodeon got a hold of the licence a gave the little guys a cool new make over, that tings really kicked off for them again…

Not only did we get the line from Playmates supporting  the cartoon ,teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-mix-and-match-mutations-playmates-toys-nickelodeon-nick-tmnt_2 with a whole host of fun characters from the show, with many variations upon them( and we wouldn’t expect anything less).We have a whole heap of others joining them.

Revoltech were first to join the party, with this awesome offering.


These figures are a great representation of the characters from the the new cartoon, looking the they jumped straight out of the T.V.

But Next year, seems set to be filled with various interpretations of the little green dudes.

We have the big chunky 1/6 offering from Mondo.


Each figure will come with a host of accessories, including 2 head sculpts, so you can choose to display them either as they looked in the original comics or a slightly more cartoon look. However you choose to display them, we think they look awesome!!

At the recent NYCC we were treated to this visual delight from S.H Figuarts.

Bandai-Tamashii-Nation-SH-Figuarts-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles Bandai-Tamashii-Nation-SH-Figuarts-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Michelangelo Bandai-Tamashii-Nation-SH-Figuarts-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Leonardo Bandai-Tamashii-Nation-SH-Figuarts-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Donatello Bandai-Tamashii-Nation-SH-Figuarts-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Raphael

With these from Dream EX seemingly sneaking under the radar.

DSC02392 DSC02391 DSC02390 DSC02389 DSC02388 DSC02387 DSC02386 DSC02385

Whilst the prototypes don’t have articulation, apparently the final product will.


Then there is the Grey area of figures, The figures referred to as ‘3rd Party‘. The only company to bring any unofficial TMNT related figures so far, is First Gokin. Their first release was the truly stunning Cerebral (krang)



You can check out our review of this guy here.

First Gokin Recently revealed their next figure to join the villainous line up….. Nt-02 (The Shredder!!)



Next year looks set to be a very exciting time for for all Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But we cant help wondering, How many different teams of Turtles can our collections hold?

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So, we finally get so see a full colour image from Beelzeboss, of their upcoming upgrade kit for Combiner wars, Optimus Prime! We like it very much. Take a look here.


If you are still feeling unconvinced, then have a look at the direct comparison between the before and after.

PicMonkey truck PicMonkey Collage

Don’t forget, this will make your Prime a fair bit taller also, bringing him more into scale with the rest of your collection.

This is one kit, that we are very much looking forward to getting our hands on. Let us know what you think in the comments.


These Products can be found in the links bellow.

Combiner wars Optimus Prime

Beelzeboss Spiritual Leadership Pre-order

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09 Oct 2015

Hasbro for the win!!!

This last year has seen some of the best Transformers figures coming from Hasbro. I think it is safe to say, that Combiner Wars has been a success for Hasbro.  As fans we have gotten some great figures, without having to pay the high prices the Third party company’s like to charge us. While they may not always be as ‘clever’ as some of the other offering out they, there is no denying the fun to be had!

Even after having to spend a little extra cash on the Perfect Effect upgrade kits, we do end up with awesome figures like this!!



We still have a few things to look forward to from the combiner wars.

12045378_824770080955124_2432170863837685492_o 12113268_824769974288468_1453388925413796072_o 12132469_824769837621815_5237961909864681976_o 10472729_824770637621735_3835294125441581305_o 12015098_824770654288400_4647531818445295253_o


While the G2 repaints may not be to everybody’s taste, its always nice to get extra figures.


Next year is set to be just as good, if not better!  We were recently treated to some lovely displays of the Titan War’s line, at the NYCC, which is the line that will be taking over from where Combiner Wars leaves off.

It defiantly seems as though Hasbro has the 3rd party share of the market in its sights! With figures coming from Hasbro to match recently, or soon to be released for other sources, it seems Hasbro do have a plan!

While the level of engineering may not be up to the same standard, do the alternatives warrant the price difference?

PicMonkey Collage

Admittedly,  Dx9’s Tyrant is Mp Scale, and rather good looking! But we will be getting a third mode with Hasbro’s version, and a little headmaster Megatron to pilot Galvatron Jet.. If that’s your kind of thing.

Galvatron-Minifig Galvatron-Vehicle-New


But it doesn’t stop there. There was literally a plethora of figures to feast ours eyes upon!!

12119941_824771710954961_1068453309648114292_o 12068488_824771317621667_5579219551497555323_o 12138328_824771217621677_9024791849455217593_o 12015082_824770387621760_5727785375132543179_o 12095072_824770340955098_4927337547589352390_o 10733910_824770857621713_3191028566891101533_o 10900044_824770277621771_4548020051811834442_o 12091357_824770174288448_8516316988838224905_o 12087238_824770087621790_4278966575079226127_o


Theses have got us very excited for next year at Kapow Toys.

But our personal favorite, has to the brake from the G1 norm,  to make a fan favorite, Blaster, into a Base for all the Head masters!!! While he keeps his Ghetto blaster mode he gets a base mode as an extra feature!

12095014_824771654288300_7459056333173356958_o 12119962_824770270955105_9156211741563525366_o 12109850_824770224288443_2526159535711116994_o


All of this, and we are still to see the awesomeness of Titan Wars Fortress Maximus!!!!!

Its safe to say, that we feel its a good time to be a transformers collector!




You will be able to find all of the figures at www.kapowtoys.co.uk when they become available. We have lots more toys goodness for you in our warehouseunnamed,  so come and see what takes your fancy!


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