Like when your best mate wants to hang out, after abandoning you for 8 months for his latest girlfriend, we have all welcomed star wars back with loving arms, because, well, come on, its STAR WARS!!!

That’s all fine in its self, but it comes with its draw backs. Personally I have been able to resist all of the amazing offering from Hot Toys, but after seeing, The Force Awakens, I knew it would only be a matter of time before things began to slip…. I have already got myself a Ray And BB8 on order.


It is also certain that after one of the best scenes in the film, this set will be on my list.


I am trying hard not to go all out on these guys. But for me, Star Wars is where my collecting started, and it may just be an inevitability.


What do you awesome lot think? The ultimate toy collection, or just over priced dolls?? let us know in the comments below.

Check out our rage of Hot Toys HERE.

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After years of waiting for a new G1 style Soundwave, is this wide eyed bot, all that we were all hoping for??



Don’t forget to head over to to check out the latest cool collectibles!!

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Sky Lynx has long been one of my personal favorite characters from the G1 world. But sadly he has never been a figure I have owned. So it’s needles to say, I am very excited to get my hands on, the soon to be released, Combiner wars Sky Lynx!!!!

Combiner-Wars-Sky-Lynx-1 tumblr_nymjpzC2Zs1qcrr5qo1_500 Combiner-Wars-Sky-Lynx-3 02fb2751feaed339ef16f46b2ad677e0

If you guys and gals are just as excited as we are about Sky Lynx, then let us know in the comments below.

He is still available to pre-order HERE

Don’t forget to head over to for all your latest toy goodness.

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04 Jan 2016

Titan wars approaches

So, who else is excited about the Upcoming Titan wars? These pics of blaster are looking rather good!!

12491952_196487064035062_3494660638452428932_o 12484766_196487060701729_1984694608336369935_o 10606018_196486997368402_2055267393500758169_n 8138_196487007368401_3850231761932159958_n 735236_196486994035069_5635755554712358090_n 21606_196486964035072_68614859710132635_n 10409_196486967368405_7094899369743508529_n 1935337_196486960701739_7580783692251704326_n


Dont forget to head over to WWW.KAPOWTOYS.CO.UK to check out the latest arrivals.

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