21 Oct 2015

3rd Party reveals

In case you missed some of the resent 3rd party reveals at, tfcon Charlotte, here is a quick look at some of our favorites.

Maastermind Creations:

TFCon-3rd-Party-303 TFCon-3rd-Party-308 TFCon-3rd-Party-302TFCon-USA-2015-507TFCon-USA-2015-506


TFCon-USA-2015-259 TFCon-USA-2015-260 TFCon-USA-2015-262 TFCon-USA-2015-263 TFCon-USA-2015-259 TFCon-USA-2015-260 TFCon-USA-2015-268 TFCon-USA-2015-270

Iron Factory:

TFCon-USA-2015-288 TFCon-USA-2015-289 TFCon-USA-2015-303 TFCon-USA-2015-304 TFCon-USA-2015-290 TFCon-USA-2015-294 TFCon-USA-2015-298 TFCon-USA-2015-299 TFCon-USA-2015-300 TFCon-USA-2015-301 TFCon-USA-2015-302


Planet X:

TFCon-USA-2015-609 TFCon-USA-2015-606 TFCon-USA-2015-607 TFCon-USA-2015-608

A new one. G.O.D

TFCon-USA-2015-436 TFCon-USA-2015-429 TFCon-USA-2015-430 TFCon-USA-2015-432 TFCon-USA-2015-435





Head over to www.Kapowtoys.co.uk to what is available to pre-order now!!

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