Here are a few pictures to wet your appetite in preparation for the release of DX9’s Chigurh (Astrotrain)

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We are loving the inclusion of a retro style ‘mini catalogue’

There is still time to pre-order yours here:

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One Response to “A quick look at the box and contents for DX9’s Chigurh”

  1. Imnotgivingmynametoamachine

    I really like the boxart. Especially the train on the back, I think it looks bloody brilliant. I’m quite happy I preordered him, and I don’t mind the “chubby” Shuttlemode so much. He was more of a transporter than a warshuttle (if that’s a thing) to begin with. And the robot mode is great, I think it will fit nicely with my understaffed Decepticon MP’s. Can’t wait.