So, with Hasbro’s combiner wars now in full swing, we are getting some pretty awesome figures. It makes us happy here at Kapow to be getting great figures, with out upsetting the bank balance. However, there is no denying, that Menasor was, well… not the best of the bunch.


The addition of the soon to be released break-neck will help.

cwbrakeneck3 cwbrakeneck1

But never fear, the good guys over at Perfect Effect are bringing out some lovely upgrades, that we think will make for an awesome Menasor!! Take a loot at the pics and tell us what you think?

27505219d1426845534-perfect-effect-cw-menasor-upgrade-kit-11053648_1056651754348241_2675332474315527_1426886306 27505223d1426845534-perfect-effect-cw-menasor-upgrade-kit-10688302_1056651834348233_1962966542217568_1426886306 27505221d1426845534-perfect-effect-cw-menasor-upgrade-kit-10295925_1056651737681576_4147765094183920_1426886306 27505239d1426855673-perfect-effect-cw-menasor-upgrade-kit-13410_1056651757681574_7498034047540182694_1426886306 27505222d1426845534-perfect-effect-cw-menasor-upgrade-kit-11050657_1056651841014899_8266270333589474_1426886306 27505220d1426845534-perfect-effect-cw-menasor-upgrade-kit-11004_1056651764348240_4220357049800867965_1426886306

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OK, so I admit it! i am a sucker for a big robot, and the addition of the new star saber to my collection is testament to that fact.

But in another part of my toy cave (its nothing like a cave, in fact its very well lit, with lots of glass,wood and, well toys…no rock anywhere.. ) there are some very small, but equally awesome transformers. I am of course, talking about the little guys from Iron Factory


I new I wanted these guys from the first time I saw the promo pics.  The first set, was Manacle and turrets (sixshot and scamper) and they are scaled to go Hasbro’s Metropelx, and they do this perfectly.



They have been designed well, with some nice transformation, and tons of guns!!!!

The next set was even better (being the massive Blaster fan that I am)

if7_1 if1_1






All of these little guys are packed with articulation, and loads of accessories. The sculpts are awesome, not just for their size, just in general!

Then we come to next 2 figure due to be released from Iron Factory

ifmagnus1 ifmag2 ifwind3 ifwind1

Droooooolll………. I can’t wait to get my hands on these!!

So it would seem that size, is in fact not everything.