In this Seemingly ever expanding world of #rd party Transformers, we can all find our selves in that awkward position, of really wanting the latest figure, but also wanting to be able to pay our bills and eat for the month.

So i find it welcome relief when we have companies such as Iron Factory bringing out their awesome little guys, for awesome little prices!! The internet blessed us with some more in hand pictures of their version of Overlord ”Evil Lord”  take a look and let us know what you think of the miniature revolution!

10987436_724887580971983_743054789270138208_n 11951895_724887564305318_3636554077524525120_n 11895958_724887550971986_8557543768800709215_n 11947635_724869140973827_9034788635513716255_n 10592633_724869157640492_5529717979102009228_n 10982168_127246540959115_3859793116793961197_o 11999688_127246530959116_8657920394737728987_o 11894480_127246534292449_4680143263127410236_o 11215883_127246567625779_3664705014931181231_n 11947627_127246584292444_571089014618587206_n 11895108_127246537625782_1785557638599556759_o

This awesome looking fella is available to pre-order right now:

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