So we have been seeing a lot of pics surfacing online of the test shot of x-transbots MX-II Andras. It does look rather tasty. We will have to hope that they keep improving with every release so that we can get some great figurers, to match the design.

Take a look at the pics, and tell us what you think.

11096413_627819923984181_7867600514908419933_n 11079672_627819990650841_5777263695175754489_n 11081151_627820003984173_5090645805292657186_n 10930993_627819963984177_1779006219871337899_n 11096481_627819993984174_4679161326529151162_n 11027126_627819940650846_1950206801193648304_n 11102767_627819893984184_2105647203303734955_n 10407820_627823357317171_4964231670174472950_n 11008766_627823100650530_3368199553166451979_n