Since Hasbro took over the license for Marvel legends, it’s definitely fair to say it was a rocky start, producing some of the worst figures the line has seen.


There is no arguing that this was a bad figure, from the sculpt to the articulation. And he most certainly wasn’t alone.


The plastic was cheap, the figures we completely off scale with anything that we had received from Toy Biz previously. All in all, they were not received well by fans of the line.

But that’s not to say things had been flawless from Toy Biz. Before Marvel Legends went to Hasbro we had these waves.

ML_14_IronMan TBZ10507


I don’t think I need to add anything more to that.


But Hasbro didn’t give up, they kept the line going for quite a while, and they were improving.

0106_foomgroup_zps35cd6d77 HAS15459 marvellegnds-ares-550x412

Bringing out some great figures, with some that are still fan favourites, such as Ares, Red hulk, Wolverine and Black suit spidey. We also saw the last (to date) of the big Build-a-figures with Fin Fang Foom.

It was however, still somewhat hit and miss with sculpting and quality. As a result, Hasbro took a long break from Marvel Legends ….

This was probably a good move, because in 2011, they came back with…. The Return Of Marvel Legends…..


Despite a lukewarm reception from fans, this wave, was a massive improvement over previous releases from Hasbro. The plastic was better quality, the sculpting was better, and that new ankle pivot, oooooh, ankle pivot..

We have been given some great figures in subsequent waves

rocket 653569704874-4 HAS21305


Hasbro tried out a new idea with the mini B.A.F. in an effort to try and keep the costs down. But this didn’t seem to last long.

DSCN4547__scaled_600-220x marvel-legends-2013-wave-1-baf-hitman_monkey marvel-legends-wolverine-puck-figurine-emma-frost raccon

Seeing the return of the larger B.A.F.’s  with some great, and average movie tie-ins.

marvel-legends-avengers-aou-thanos-wave HAS23419 Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Marvel-Legends-Action-Figures-Wave1-3 Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-Marvel-Legends-2014-Series-with-Mandroid-Build-A-Figure-e1385876633896

We have also seen some stunning exclusive sets, it would be nice to see these get a general release at some point in the future.

Packaging 1ThanosSet Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Box-Set-3-630x221

There have been a few that have been promised to us, but have sadly never seen the light of day. This has always been something that they have tortured us with in the Marvel Legends line. But it will never hurt any less….

ML Wolverine series 1-620xMarvelLegends_Hasbro_2012Wave3Moonstar

That ‘Phoenix Cyclops’ still looks great! But all may not be lost because we are getting Bulldozer, a previously unreleased variant, so there is still hope for all the others.



The latest waves to come to us are no less awesome. With the Thor/Odin wave including parts to give you the option to make 2 different B.A.F.’s!!! And quite possibly the best Spider-Man figure we have ever got our hands on.

SDCC_COVERAGE_HASBRO_SPIDER-MAN_MARVEL_LEGENDS_COMIC_SPIDER-MAN_01 spidermanwave2015 SDCC-2014-Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-Avengers-2015


Marvel Legends seem to have that certain buzz about them again. We here at Kapow Toys are extremely excited about the upcoming releases from Marvel Legends. Because, well just loook….

hqdefault Toy-Fair-2015-Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-Spider-man-Infinite-Featured Toy-Fair-2015-Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-010 Toy-Fair-2015-Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-009-600x600 maxresdefault


Just look at those B.A.F.’s. Admittedly they are not quite as big as a Sentinel, but with accepting those days are behind us, these are some extremely cool figures. I mean….. Hulk Buster….. he will go nicely with our new Avengers Hulk.



So it seems, Hasbro may have finally found their way into the hearts of the fans for this long going action figure line. Lets hope we continue to see this line grow and improve.

Come and take a look at our in stock and pre-order marvel legends here:



With the images being released of the latest ‘not’-Dinobot to be coming out, ‘Corelock‘ from toy world.


Are dinobots becoming a large part of your collection? It certainly is the case in our collections, and we must admit we cant get enough!!!!  So lets take a quick look at some of the figures that have come out, and will be coming out soon. This is not an in depth review, just a few thoughts on some awesome toys.

We have had some truly awesome offerings over the past year, from the amazing , ‘F.O.C’ styled Planet x dinos,



to massive the combining Shuraking from Gcreations



Here at Kapow we are pretty much just getting every single one that comes out, but then, we do love a dino……or 10.

But we are having a hard time deciding which ones are our favourite. (so far)


Fanstoys offering, are quite simply beautiful,well made, and transform really nicely. So as far as mp scale goes, theses are the ones for us. ( we will have to see how they fair when gutter hits the stocks)



However if its more of a classics scale you are going for, then you have a lot of choice….

Firstly we now have 3 members of the team from Planet X, Caelus, Neptune and the interestingly named, Summanus. With Quirinus following shortly.

planetxcaelus pxneptune2_1 sumcolour5 pxquir5 pxquir3

These are really nice, well built, with some really nice sculpting on them. These are some of our favourite 3rd party figures of recent times. Definatly worth picking up.


Then we have Toyworlds combining dinos, which, aside from the fact that they COMBINE!!!!!!!! they are also really nice updates, on some g1 classics, with lots of shiny gold chrome.

twroar4 twroar1 twroar6 twsludge9 twsludge4 twsludge2


So far we have Roar and Muddy, and we do like these guys, they seem to be quite underrated. We are sure once the whole team is out, there will be lots of people trying to go back and get the early releases.


Lastly we come to Fansproject.  Now these are a mixed bag with the 2 releases we have so far, Columpio  wasn’t a bad figure, but did suffer from some loose hips. However Fansproject have said that they will be including some replacement hips for Columpio in there latest figure, Volar.

volarspare3   fpcubrar fpcolumpio1

But then there was Cubar! He was a Beast of a figure!!!! Massive and pointy and massive!!!! he looked like a dinobot should. So if they keep improving the same way with each release this should also be an awesome line of figures.


I personally havent got my hands on the gcreation figures yet. But every body tells me that i need to, as these are also some lovely figures…

dX0ZBfx_1425571438 OvkrUPH

So in conclusion, we think we need them all….. but we are weak. What are your favourites so far? Are you collecting all the dinos? Or have you picked a line and stuck to it???


Let us know in the comments bellow….


Many of these figures can be found at links below: