Transformers MDLX Megatron ( G2 Universe )

Some of the new toys to the shop in December.

Transformers MDLX Megatron ( G2 Universe )

Iron Factory IF-EX62D Shigemitsu

S.H.Figuarts Bleach 1000 Year Blood War Kenpachi Zaraki

S.H.Figuarts Naruto Uzumaki NARUTOP99 Edition

RIOBOT Tetsujin 28 FX & 17 Phoenix

Gatchaman Metal Action God Phoenix Anime Color Ver

Iron Factory IF-EX64D Dynamite Wrangler

Trick or Treat Studios Toxic Crusaders Toxie Action Figure

Diaclone TM-25 Tactical Mover Extra Armament Set

Diaclone DA-105 Dia-Nauts and Lift Machine Set

Transformers Universal Studios Deluxe Optimus Prime

Buluke Transformers Snap Model Kits Wave 2 Box of 9 ( Blind Boxed )

Transformers Siege War For Cybertron Micromaster Autobot Battle Patrol

Iron Factory IF-EX70 Drill of Amduscias

Iron Factory IF-EX69 Hammer of Morax

Transformers Siege Decepticon Sports Car Patrol Blackjack and Hyperdrive

Transformers Legacy Predacon Buzzsaw

Transformers Legacy Deluxe Nightprowler

Action Toys Super Sentai Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Mighty Deformed Daizyujin

Iron Factory IF-EX70 Drill of Amduscias
Studio Series Core Bumblebee

19 Jun 2023

New Studio Series

During May a bunch of Studio Series transformers got added to the shop alongside some others.

Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-06 Ironhide

Yolopark Transformers Rise of the Beasts Bumblebee AMK Model Kit

Yolopark Transformers Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime AMK Model Kit

Yolopark Transformers Rise of the Beasts Optimus Primal AMK Model Kit

Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Origin Jazz

Action Toys Mini Action Series Voltes V Action Figure

Action Toys Mini Action Series Com-Battler V Action Figure

Dragon Ball Z S.H.Figuarts Porunga and Dende ( Luminous Dragon Ball Set )

Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker Death Star Escape ( Stromtrooper Disguise )

Transformers Studio Series Core Bumblebee

Transformers Masterpiece MP-50 Tigatron Beast Wars Figure

Transformers Masterpiece MP-51 Arcee

Transformers Masterpiece MP-52+ Thundercracker 2.0 Action Figure

Transformers Studio Series Rise of the Beasts Rhinox

Transformers Studio Series (Gamer Edition) Deluxe Cliffjumper

Transformers Studio Series (Gamer Edition) Voyager Megatron

Transformers Studio Series 86 Deluxe Brawn




14 Apr 2023

New Toys April 2023

Some of the new toys in April.

NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Jagwar Action Figure

NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Dreadmon

A Whole bunch of Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Vs Doctor Doom Avengers 60th Anniversary 2 Pack

Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Gray Hulk and Bruce Banner 2 Pack

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Book of Boba Fett Luke Skywalker

Transformers Legacy Evolution Core Swoop

Transformers Legacy Evolution Core Scarr

Transformers Legacy Evolution Voyager Dirge

Transformers Legacy Evolution Nemesis Leo Prime

Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Devcon

Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Beachcomber

Transformers Legacy Evolution Armada Leader Megatron

Dragon Ball Z S.H.Figuarts Evil Majin Buu

Flame Toys Transformers Furai Model Kit IDW Optimus Prime ( 2023 Reissue )

Fans Hobby MB-23A Fright Storm

Metamor-Force Brave Command Dagwon Fire Dagwon

MP-57 Skyfire is a thorough reproduction of the Skyfire that was active in the anime “The Transformers”. In addition to the vehicle mode (Jet aircraft) and robot mode, the intermediate mode that changes from the vehicle mode to the robot mode is also reproduced. Since the series scale of the masterpiece is reproduced, the height of the robot is the highest scale in the series.

Also included are the mini Transformers Convoy, Meister and Wheeljack who can board Skyfire in vehicle mode.

More details on the shop page.

01 Feb 2023

New Toys January 2023

Some of the new toys added to the site in January in no particular order, you can see all the new toys added on our news page.

Threezero Chainsaw Man FigZero Power 1/6 Scale Figure

NECA Predator 1/4 Scale Jungle Hunter Action Figure

Transformers Velocitron Speedia 500 Override

NECA Universal Monsters Ultimate Invisible Man Action Figure

Star Wars The Black Series Admiral Ackbar

Marvel Legends Family Matters 3 Pack Magneto Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Action Figure Box Set

Marvel Legends X-Men Retro Beast ( IMPORT )

Avengers: Infinity Saga DLX Iron Man Mark VII 1/12 Scale Figure by Threezero

Mezco One:12 Collective Thanos

Marvel Legends Armoured Thanos BAF Wave Set of 6

The Brave Express Might Gaine THE GATTAI Might Gaine

S.H.Monsterarts Gigan ( 1972 ) Godzilla Vs Gigan Action Figure

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2 Gamerverse Spider-Man

Marvel Legends Fantastic 4 Franklin and Valeria Richards 2 Pack

Marvel Legends Hydro-Man

Power Rangers Lightning Collection 30th Anniversary MMPR Deluxe Yellow Ranger

Naruto S.H.Figuarts Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto S.H.Figuarts Naruto Uzumaki