Part three of our look at the Turbomaster cars, today, we’re looking at Flash, then a recap and group shots at the weekend.  A bit of background; they are firmly G1, sometimes known as Euro G1.5 and occasionally mistaken for G2 figures.  Some people know a few of the molds from Machine Wars and even the Universe line of repaints, but not all the molds have been re-used.

The Turbomaster Cars for instance, were released in 1992 in Europe by Hasbro, and they were also released by Takara as part of the Operation Combination series in Japan later the same year, but they never saw release in the United States, ever, and to date have never had any repaints, retools or reissues.

The gimmick for this series (other than Transforming, of course) was missiles!  Lots and lots (and lots, seriously) of missiles.  Their rivals are the Predators (sometimes called the Predator Jets, who we will be looking at next week) also has the same gimmick, but with much more generic – and fragile – launchers.

So then, Flash is it?


Flash is a big red robot, with a very G1 head crest and a doors as wings silhouette which is very reminiscent of the 1984/1985 Diaclone cars – especially with the tried and tested bonnet for chest look – with the exception his arms come down from the door rather than resting in front of them.  As with all his team-mates, his missile launcher comes with extras which can be stored on his body.  Low on points of articulation, but high on style.

0__0 (26)

His transformation is simple, but effective, and hits that fun transformation sweet-spot we all enjoyed as kids.  In vehicle mode, he look very similar to a Lambourghini body-type, but with almost a chibli style in the front end.  The pointless and out of place blue fins and yellow doppler go-faster stripes give him an extra chunk of character, and flashyou’ve got to love the aerodynamic missile launcher on the back.  The split down the windshield is a bit of a distraction, but cannot be helped with the nature of the transformation, but at least the paint to plastic colour match is very tight.  As is the way with Transformers, he is another vehicle to have the culturally re-appropriated Phoenix style hood decoration.  Just for once, could we maybe get this on a Pontiac of some kind?  Please?


Like his Turbomasters buddies, he doesn’t get much love.  A few cameos here and there, a pack-in comic where he is called Breakneck, an unfinished dangled plot-thread in the Dreamwave comics, and a Japanese release where he was known as Spin Road, and came packaged with Dark Jet, the Japanese version of Skydive (a Decepticon Predator jet who we will see in detail next week).


Rear box art for Japanese release

Hopefully by now, you’re starting to appreciate this simple little subset.  Come back tomorrow for the final figure; Hurricane.

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