LDP Holding Mask

Every now and then, I need a break from Transformers (but not for too long), and one of the other items I like to collect are the Kotabukiya Bishoujo figures.  There are few cohesive collections you can get that include Marvel and DC characters in similar stylings, one of course is Lego, and another is the Bishoujo line of vinyl statues.

LDP Boxed

Limited of course by an absence of male characters in this female only range, Kotabukiya have occasionally used iconic male movie figures in female form, most notably with the Ghostbusters (soon to be all female anyway), Men in Black, and Freddy Krueger figures, and they also venture into other licensed properties such as Star Wars, Metal gear, Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mass Effect.  If you want a badgirl / goodgirl collection at great prices, you can do a lot worse than these awesomely fun and highly stylised figures.

LDP Close-Up

Some people may think this is the case here, at a glance, but Wanda Wilson is an in-continuity version of Deadpool from Universe 3010 (which may or may not still exist post- Secret Wars), who first appeared in Deadpool; Merc with a Mouth #7 in 2010, expertly presented here as Lady Deadpool.

LDP Masked Close-Up
She is splendidly represented here, in this fine sculpt by Shunya Yamashita, with a perfectly thought out display base.  Exactly what you need, nothing more.  Stunning.

LDP Masked

Needs more pouches.



Accessories include two swappable heads, a spare mask, a detachable pony-tail, and a patented Deadpool grenade.  If I had to pick a lone fault with this, it would simply be that the swords and hilts are sculpted detail and are not retractable, this and a few extra posing hands would have opened this figure up for a lot more potential poses.


The next figure coming in the Marvel Bishoujo ranger is Cosplay fan favourite Spider-Gwen, I’m looking forward to it.
Lady Deadpool is in stock and available from Kapow Toys right now, and plenty of others are still available, including personal favourite; Zatanna.

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