06 Apr 2016

As found at Botcon…

I have a small wants list for Botcon, I try to keep my options open though as you never know what might turn up.


Case in point: thirty minutes after arriving at the Botcon hotel in Kentucky, I find these…

G2 Dead-End




G2 Wildrider


20160405_223233 20160405_223307




G2 Streetwise20160405_223357




G2 Groove


Megamus, who regularly hosts the Megatoyfan Parts Party at Botcon (room 1578 for those of you at Botcon) has these four UNRELEASED G2 figures available for sale.  For the sum of $2,500 each.

Sadly, as incomplete sets, I feel buying these would commit me to hunting down and completing both sets, and given the rarity of G2 Motormaster and Hot-Spot, that could take a lifetime and a house deposit.  I hope these end up in an amazing collection.

Amazing figures to see and hold in person, and in a fandom where the term “grail” gets thrown around a lot, these are true grails.


Thanks to Megamus for allowing me the chance to have a look at these extremely rare figures and to take photos.  You can check out his Transformers for Your Listening Pleasure Podcast here.